Sunday, July 20, 2008

4 years ago...

Time goes by so quickly. It's funny how you always hear "older" people (I hate to say that because it's quickly becoming me) "enjoy your children now they grow up so quickly" and now I'm saying it. I was looking at pictures on my old computer from 7-19-04. I would never have imagined that 4 year later we would be where we are today. We have been blessed with another child, and a girl, who would have thought?? And after going to school and working now I am staying home. Joseph 8, (9 in 2 weeks) will be in 3rd grade and is doing great! For a kid that I was told would have all kinds of problems (because of being a micropreemie) he has proven us all wrong!!! Go Joe! And Ryan 7- 1/2, will be in 2nd grade and he makes me laugh every day with his zest for life. Ryan has such a kind heart! And then Carly 16 months old, she doesn't walk she runs! She runs through the house emptying drawers, closets anything she can find. I don't know if she keeps me young or makes me old!


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t wahl said...

Time has definitely gone by quickly--- I know you treasure EVERY day, as do we... Tracey W.