Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home again

We're safely home again and it feels great.

The last few days have been super-d-dooper with our loved ones in Lexington...see Laura's blog for all the stuff on that.

Our only hang up was a little car sickness by our youngest. Ironically, we made it all the way to our neighborhood before Mt. St. Carly erupted. It's hard to get too grouchy about it. I think we all were feeling similar. Her car seat is now in the backyard, drying out.

I don't have any images to share. Really, I don't have much to share. Other than the universal truth that...No bed feels better than your own. No water is sweeter than from your own faucet. And, if you can lay your head down at night and know that all in the house are safe and sound...You got a reason to give thanks.


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