Friday, August 15, 2008

The Lamb

Thank you God for for the valleys! They teach us who You are and just how much You love us. The first few years I was broken and felt like I needed a special tag that said "handle with care". Chris has taken such good care of me. He is truly my protector. Thanks Chris I am truly blessed.

Now my tag says "Truly Blessed." I think seeing the valley from the top of the mountain I now have learned how blessed I am. Thanks to everyone who remembers us in prayer this time of year we are so grateful.

Thank You Tina for the Lamb, now I have something with Matthew's ACTUAL footprints on it to hug! You are such a great friend and a blessing to me! I LOVE the lamb!

Revelations 7:17
"For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd;
he will lead them to springs of living water.
And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes."

I love this verse, how true!


Anonymous said...

It seems as if I can remember nine years ago as if it were yesterday. It's forever etched in my mind. Laura & Chris, you two were so strong, but worn down from the ups and downs of watching tiny Matthew fight his battle against the massive infection that had been fighting with every little ounce of strength he had. The last thing I remember about that day is, Chris holding tiny baby Matthew as he lived his last hours of life on earth. I don't think I ever felt more devestated in my life than when I saw that young, tall, handsome dad with his beautiful wife at his side come out totally broken down sobbing telllng us that Matthew had gone to Heaven. I know they were relieved that Matthew was in Heaven and no longer struggling in pain but yet so devasted that Matthew had lost his hard fought struggle to hold on to his earthly life.
Now Matthew has enjoyed 9 years of happiness and a peace that passes our understanding in the most beautiful,grand and joyful land of heaven. I know that Matthew feels immensely proud of his wonderful parents and the outreach yo others that it has led to. This experience lead his mother to go to Purdue to get an RN degree so she could be a NICU nurse to help other parents and babies, although she is not presently working, it helps her so much as she cares for her precious children. Chris and Laura both started a support group at Parkview to help parents of sick or premature babies and Chris with his art talent designed t-shirts for a special event for this group. They both have been able to minister to other parents who are going through similiar circumstances and help ease their fears and be a support for them. At present Laura and Chris and Laura are connested with an internet business called Baby Be Blessed where one baby a month with a health issue is chosen to receive a special gift. It is such a blessing to see how through a loss Laura and Chris have made the choice to turn it into something to give give Glory to God by helping others.
By the way Matthew also takes great joy to see his Dad sing in the choir at The Chapel on Sundays and sing solos with his superb voice. His twin brother Joseph and younger brother also occasionally sing in the kids choir and sing great every time. Little sister Carly is trying and has such an adorable sweet voice and before long I know she will be in the kids choir. God Bless and Keep the Swymelers! May they receive back all the joy and love that they have shared and given to others.

Love, Dad & Mom

clkight said...

i am so blessed by your story! and truly thankful for yours and tina's ministry. i can't wait for my 3 little lambs, my daughter can't either although she's trying as hard as a 5 yr old can to be patient ;)! god is so good...all the time!!!