Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday Thanks!

The last few days have been a great chance to relax and renew for the Swymelers'. My sister takes great care of us. She has the best things planned for the kids and we love her for it. They have a blast in Kentucky! Visiting my sister and her family in Kentucky has been great. My nieces and nephew are growing up so quickly.

This little getaway has helped ease the time between Joe's birthday(and Matthew's also) and the anniversary of Matthew's death is always so daunting. I know August 16, is coming and I just want it gone!! This year has brought a wonderful new friend Tina, and blessings that have helped lessen the pain for me personally.

Meeting the Tina and her family was such a blessing. She is such a giving person and such an inspiration to me personally. She is able to sew 3-4 doll a day, babysit 5-6 kids plus her own 4!! That in of itself is amazing! Her humility and desire to work solely for the Lord is the thing that drew me to her. It was so evident. In a world where people are so in it for themselves she is out to serve others and I find that so refreshing. Thanks Tina, for inspiring me to be better...for inspiring me to have a servant heart.


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Baby be Blessed said...

Awww....Laura you made me cry!! I love ya!! ~Tina