Friday, August 1, 2008

Teepees and Books

The last couple days have been quiet at our house. The boys made teepees on Thursday and Carly has been spending much of her time reading books or writing notes in her little notebook. The boys joke that she is keeping notes of all the things they do so when she is able to talk she can go back and "Rat" them out. She spent about 40 minutes in a laundry basket yesterday with her blanket, notebook and a pen. I later discovered that she smuggled a crayon in which explains her blue lips and the blue scribbles in the side of the basket. Oh well....

We missed Thankful Thursday but I asked the boys what they were Thankful for their replies follow below:

"I am thankful for my new baby sister Carly (who is 17 months old.. but hey)
and my mom, she helped us build teepees last night. I am also thankful for my dad he plays basketball with us all the time and takes us on long, long bicycle rides. I am thankful for all of my Grandmas and Grandpas. I am thankful for my brother Ryan who built teepees with me, we built them all by ourselves. Here's how to make them: first, you go off back behind your house and get 3 sticks that are like 3 inches long. then you use items like a rope or such and tie about 5 knots on the top edges of the 3 sticks. Now you get blankets such as bedsheets and tie them on top of it and now you have a teepee. I am also thankful for my all of my family, friends and my school. I am also thankful for my Grandma Burhop who is 97 and is in a nursing home."

"Carly, Joe, You, Dad, Grandmas' and Grandpas', Aunts' and Uncles', Cousins"

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