Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday

This Thankful Thursday it was really very clear to me what I am Thankful for. It's Chris, he is such a hardworking husband and I am so blessed to have him! But more than that he Loves God and he Loves his family. We are so blessed to have him! Right now it's 11pm and he's at work. He went in early this morning, took Carly and I out to lunch, went to the boys open house at school, got the kids to bed and then went back to work. He is so much to everyone and when he does something he gives it his best. I admire this about him. He does every job as if he is doing it for God, Wow..!!!

I love so much about Chris and wish I was more like him. He is so talented. The artist in him is just so amazing! He lives without fear and goes at life with a vengeance. Chris although, I don't say it all the time I love you very much and blessed to have you! You are the best!


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