Friday, September 19, 2008


Carly has been a off lately, just cranky and crazy. So I guess the fact that she seems to be back to her normal level of crazy has been nice. I honestly thought I was in for it today as she woke up a 6am this morning screaming inconsoleable. I tried snuggling up with her, but she just wanted Chris. He picked her up and she laid her head on his shoulder and patted him on his back she was happy for a moment. Then she got fussy again so she went back to bed without a complaint. Ever since she seems much happier...she has 4 molars coming in and 4 regular teeth so maybe they finally broke through!

She played so nice this morning sharing her sippy cup with her doll, just being good. It was adorable! Then, I thought OHH NO.... I haven't heard Carly this is not good...she has been shutting herself in rooms lately and I walked into my room and there she was in the corner propped up on 2 pillows reading her favorite book "Put Me In The Zoo." It was the cutest thing! She was reading out loud. She can read the book.... maybe in some strange language. Page after page!


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Chris and Lisa Fedele said...

She is adorable! I would love the come and Carlynap her!

Have a good weekend and give the boys and Carly a hug from me!