Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blackbirds and Bags

Okay, So I guess the word got out....Laura thinks blackbirds are creepy! As I was talking with Tina on the phone Monday I looked out the window and it was like a flurry of blackbirds. They were everywhere. In the yard, the trees, the playset, and they were even sliding down the slide. Of course by the time I got the camera the majority flew to the tree and the neighbors yard but I still have proof. Beware of the birds!!!! See I told you all they we scary!!

Here is Carly with her new "purse." Chris took her to Walgreens Saturday morning and he said that she immediately picked up this tin Tinkerbell purse and said "Bye, Bye See Ya Later" and walked toward the front door. So Chris being the softie he is he of course bought it for her. So as I get out of the shower I hear a little knock on the door and there stood Carly with her new purse. She was so proud! Anyone who knows me knows that I am not into the whole Disney Princess thing, but she was so excited. She had a pacifier, pretend debit card, cell phone, keys and a rubber duckie(you know the essentials for the average 18 month old). But then my dear sister explained to me that Tinkerbell is not a princess, she is a fairy. ....I guess that makes it okay!!! I have so much to learn. Plus, she picked out green =)


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