Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama or McCain??

I took an online quiz that scored my resuts and then told me who I should vote for. My results are below... Interesting, let me know how you all do!

Your Issue Profile: 24% Obama, 76% McCain

When it gets down to it, you tend to best match John McCain.

But he's not the perfect candidate for you, and you may not be sold on him yet.

Obama shares a good number of your views too, so you might want to give him a second look.

It all comes down to which issues matter to you the most.



Chris said...

I was only 40/60 McCain.

Baby be Blessed said...

My issue profile: 32% Obama, 68% McCain


clkight said...

what??? mine said about half & half! craziness...i'm voting for palin, i mean mccain ;)