Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Sorry it has been so long.... Things have been somewhat uneventful. We had quite a scare earlier in the week. I guess I should say I had quite a scare, Chris was not worried. Anyway, here's how it went. Chris has a family history of colon cancer and so me being the paranoid wife, I made him an appointment to meet with the colorectal surgeon to find out about having a colonoscopy. Let me just say for the record he was not thrilled about going but didn't put up too much of a fight. In the process of doing a examination they found a mass in his neck, a mass we knew was there but Chris just assumed it was a Lipoma (a fatty tumor, he has a family history of these as well.) Well, the doctor was not so sure and brought in another surgeon and they were talking back and forth and the word "Carcinoma" was thrown out there. Sooooo....Chris was referred to a surgeon on Wed. He was at the colorectal doctor on Monday so I had enough time for my mind to go crazy.

I am a very "worrying doesn't prove anything and doesn't change anything person," but this really got too me. I had him diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (in my mind). I talked to my dear friend Katie on Wednesday morning (who is also a nurse....and who supported my diagnosis =) Anyway she was a huge encouragment to me. She knocked me back into reality with, "Worst possible scenerio he has it ... it's highly treatable, it's not a death sentance. Laura people beat theses things these days." Oh Yeah.... Isn't it nice when someone kinda lays it out to you and you get it!!!!

Anyway..Chris went to the doctor, who is confident that it's a Lipoma. He didn't really even think it needs to be removed. Chris is having a CAT can tommorow morning to put his wife's mind at ease. Praise God!!! I just need to trust him, like Chris who throughout the entire ordeal was not a bit worried.

But, this does't get Chris out of his Colonoscopy...He get's that pleasure in November! =)

So today I am so Thankful for Chris and his Health!!! And a God who is faithful to us!

I Love You Chris!

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clkight said...

wow! we'll be praying for a good report!!!