Friday, November 14, 2008

Missing Dad Flashback!!!

Chris is out of town and we are all missing him!! Carly especially... every time someone comes in she runs to the door and says Da-Da!! So for my Flashback Friday I decided to put up some images of the good times with Dad!! We are all so excited for him to come back! Chris we Love you and Miss you and can't wait to have you home!!


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clkight said...

awww, wasn't your daddy just gone a couple of weeks ago? that stinks!!!

girl my poor hunny pulled or twisted or did something to his back trying to carry out the shop vac full of water (stupid, STUPID washing mahine) and there's a stomach bug going around school. she could have gone back to school today but i wanted to make sure she was completely over it. she does NOT like missing school but we tried to make it better by going to see HSM3 ;)