Monday, January 19, 2009

The Boys were Sledding....

So here's the rest of the story.... Chris took the boys sledding and they had a Great time!! Some kids had built a ramp out of snow on one part of the hill... the boys of course had to give it a try. Even standing up on sleds, yeah these are my boys who have enough trouble walking...Joe was tried his heart out to nail the ramp but went off course and then there's Ryan..... Full speed nailed the ramp and flew head first face plant into the snow. Chris was cheering him on "Way to go...that was Awesome!!" another dad said I think his his nose is bleeding... Ryan took it well ( he couldn't cry in front of all the kids). And Chris was saying "Ryan blood, that is so cool." So if my camera hadn't gone through the wash you would have seen dried blood, chapped cheeks, and hot chocolate!! Classic Ryan gotta love that Boy!!

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