Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kindly Advice in the New Year.

Happy New Year!

My beautiful bride has asked me to update the blog, so I hope I don't kill it with my uncommonly non-web-like savvy.

Here goes...

I am on the prayer chain at church. Nothing special....a lot of people are. Everyday I get a list of fine people from our church and the surrounding community. The list is usually compact and to the point. There are lots of chances to pray for lots of various ailments and situations. I like to pray for them in my car. I can be vocal and no one pays attention to me, but God.

On every list, Deb (this nice lady at church who types them up) puts a thought for the day. Usually they are fun quips or play on words that have a Jesus payoff. On the 29th of December, I got the best one I have ever read. It has bounced around in my head ever since I read it. It has stuck with me every time I go to the store, shake a hand, see my kids, chat with my wife. It rings louder and louder and I think it is my New Year's resolution. I think it is God whispering in my ear. It humbles me. It makes me see the world through others eyes. (Something I ain't gifted at...ask Laura)

Here it is.

Be kinder than necessary because
everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

Why does that rock my world so much? I think part of it is a realization that I am not alone. We all are fighting battles in our own worlds. We are all in need of love and civility beyond the norm. We are all precious to our Maker. And our sin has cast us all in the same crappy boat.

I hope this thought sticks with me. I hope it keeps influencing my life, because I think it is in the essence of Christ himself. He was kinder (not always nicer, ie: money changers) than we deserved. He gave his life, because He saw we were all fighting our battle with sin and He was the answer.

Happy New Year! I pray we will all shine the light of Christ in a new way this year. To Him be the Glory both now and for ever more.

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