Sunday, January 18, 2009

What was Ryan doing???

Chris and the boys went out today....Can you guess where they were or what they did based on Ryan's face? Chris thought that Ryan may have broken his nose at one point, but he is fine. Give me your best guess! I just had to capture the moment which brings me to my next point.

Chris and I have a very pressing debate going on in our house....Please see our poll on the top right corner and vote!!!!


Carrie said...

the rule IS & always HAS BEEN...if i'm going to be nice enough to wash your nasty drawers, the least you could do is take everything out of the pockets before i do. yeah we had a little ipod issue a few months ago...

Baby be Blessed said...

Sorry vote was with Laura.

If it's in the dirty laundry pile, it's ready to be washed!