Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life Lessons...

We have been having some hard days at our house. It just hurts me as a mom to see my kids suffer. It is the "Mama bear" instinct in me to want to protect and defend. Chris on the other hand feels a little bit of playful teasing is normal (because he was called Dumbo growing up). Personally, I don't like it at all. I think what bothers me the most is that they are making fun of Joe and his preemie shaped head and his eyes. They are all things that are medical issues (and not really a big deal) but he can't help them! Are kids just plain mean or what? So, if you think about it could you please say an extra prayer for Joe. He is being strong and doing good...but it's hard.

I have a favorite song that reminds me on Joe...It's called Little is Much by the Group, Downhere. It talks about how God uses even the smallest... people to be big. I think that is we sometimes forget about the "little people", the forgotten ones," (I know that I Do). It's something that I struggle with, the judgmental side.. just because I was born who I am I am no better than the next person. God doesn't think anymore of me than a homeless person under a bridge. He can use us all if we let him. He loves us all. Enjoy this video, it's great!

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Dakota3 said...

All your children are so cute! I will pray for Joe and your family.

Take Care,
I am new fan of Baby be Blessed