Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day Photo Scavenger Hunt

****This scavenger hunt is designed to have the kids take pictures of the items with iPods, phones, ect.

Snow Day Photo Scavenger Hunt


A pinecone

Berries on Branches

Frozen Leaf

Seed Pod


Rosy Red Cheeks

Tire tracks in snow 

Largest snowdrift you can find


Abandoned Bee Hive

Pine Needles on the ground

Leaf Still on a Tree

Yellow Snow

Animal Tracks

Your Breath 

Boot Prints

Leafless Tree

Birdseed on the ground


Snow stuck on tree bark

Bubble trapped in ice


Price tag

Something Brand new/unopened

Glove missing a match

Something made in USA

Books lined up like dominoes

Something from the 1980’s 

A wheat penny

Something inherited

A multi-colored pen

A heart cookie cutter

A blue rubber band

A sandal

Something with a famous quote

A lego tower as high a your knee

An animal

Something that’s bigger than you

Something all one color

Something that makes you laugh

Book with the word “And” in the Title

Something that is part of a pair

A picture of someone in your family

Something with a date on it

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